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Eloping in Maine: Cindy + Steve Elope in the greater Portland area

Cindy and Steve wanted to elope. As in “sneaking off without telling family or friends and coming back hitched.” Surely no one would suspect. After all, they weren’t even engaged.

They did a good job of keeping everything secret. Only Cindy’s sister suspected something might be up, asking “You’re not going up there to get married are you?” Cindy emphatically replied “NO!” And immediately changed the subject.

They weren’t set specifically on Maine, but had visited the state before and liked it. So, they were intrigued when they found a Portland-area hotel with an elopement package that would take care of most of the details: they’d get two night’s lodging in an ocean-view room, long-stemmed roses, a bottle of wine,  candlelit dinner for two, a honeymoon breakfast, a couples massage and other goodies. They could hold their ceremony in view of the ocean. The only thing they needed to do was get the license, a photographer and show up.

With a target date in late May, now their only real concern was if the weather would cooperate.  Would May be too cold, too windy, not greened-up? What if it rained?

The historic weather data in the Trip Planner function at Weather Underground said late May should be fine. After all, a 27 percent of chance of rain meant 73 percent chance of no rain. However, I urged “Bring a good wrap” as I remembered a particular wedding on May 18th years ago when rain turned briefly to snow and then back to rain again.

So, just to make sure they had the bases covered, Plan B included holding the ceremony inside by the fireplace in the hotel lobby, taking photos afterwards outside (with Cindy wearing that wrap), and then traveling to the Old Port for photos in some cool indoor spaces. “They have big umbrellas at the Inn and I am willing to stay outside as long as you want” I said trying to ease Cindy’s concerns about cold weather or rain.

As it turned out, Cindy and Steve couldn’t have been blessed with a better and more photogenic day. Their wedding day was gorgeous, sunny and warm. (Wrap? What wrap???)

So, how did family and friends react when they heard the news? In Cindy’s words

We started making calls on our way home from Maine Friday (to those relatives that are not local).

We’ve found great joy in recalling their reactions.  Most went through a range of emotions….some thought at first we were playing a joke, then after realizing we were serious, they stressed their joy and happiness.

A few were disappointed that they missed our special day, but were happy nonetheless.  Some expected to hear we had gotten engaged, but no one thought we’d skip that step!

When we arrived home Friday evening, we strapped the cans to the car and headed to see the rest of Steve’s family.  I hung out the window, bouquet in hand as we drove to their homes.  They were so surprised.

Lots of tears were shed.  In the midst of all the commotion, Steve’s niece (4 yrs old) tried to one-up us and hollered out…”we’re getting a dog!”  Everyone laughed, it was cute.

Oh, and about the camouflage gear? Steve is an avid sportsman, so they thought they’d get some photos of Steve in camouflage and tell the folks back home that he’d gotten married that way.  Of course, that’s not true, but it is true that they went to both LLBean and Cabela’s on their honeymoon!

Think you, too, might like to elope on the beach in Maine? Check out hotels in your favorite Maine towns.  Would you like to be in downtown Portland (“The Old Port”) or in view of a lighthouse? Portland, Maine event planner  Diane York offers elopement packages for  both.  The Boothbay Harbor Region more your style?  Boothbay Harbor wedding planner Sally Bullock offers an elopement extravaganza with lodging at your choice of two spectacular Boothbay Region hotel properties. Want to go all the way Down East to Acadia?  The Bar Harbor Inn & Spa can fix you up.

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