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What an honor to be named a top vendor at the Newagen Seaside Inn

We just got a very nice compliment. Jason from the Newagen Seaside Inn emailed to say we had been named one of the top 12 vendors at the Newagen Seaside Inn. That’s among all wedding vendors there, not just photographers. Wow. Thanks, Jason.

This honor means so much because we thoroughly enjoy photographing weddings at the Newagen, a Classic Maine coastal hotel located in the teeny Newagen community at the tip of Southport Island, in the Boothbay Harbor Region.

There are several things that make Newagen weddings especially enjoyable for us; most important, we really like the down-to-earth sensibility of the couples that hire us to photograph there. It’s hard to put into words, other than to say that Newagen couples seem to be all about planning a fun day with family and friends and not all about who can have the most expensive dress, showiest flowers, biggest band or most intricate cake. Not that we haven’t seen some fabulous dresses, flowers, bands, cakes, etc.!

The Newagen has a wonderful ability to be elegant and comfortable at the same time. Indoor receptions can spread out over the entire ground floor, so your guests don’t have to be contained to just one area if they want to spread out. If older relatives aren’t so crazy about the music your band is playing, they can move to the expansive lobby with its cushy, over-sized sofas. Or, a handful of folks might move into the bar for intimate conversation groups.

If the reception is outside on the waterfront, wedding guests can move to tables on the patio near the pool. There’s plenty of room for folks to spread out and enjoy each other’s company.

And, for a different kind of comfortable, it’s nice to know there is always a Plan B at the Newagen. While the Newagen has an incredibly scenic spot outdoors for tented weddings, weather is the one thing you have absolutely no control over when planning a wedding, so it’s comforting to know that if it does rain, you can move the reception inside.

Oh, yes, I probably should mention the gorgeous view.

Because it’s located on the tip of Southport Island, the property has gorgeous views on two sides.

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