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“Should we hire a videographer?”

Couples often ask me if they should hire a videographer. My answer is consistently “if you can afford to have videography, I think it’s a great idea.”

There are definitely aspects of the day which video can capture but that still photography cannot: the music, the quiver in your voice when you say your vows, the texts of the toasts, the fluid motion in the dancing.

My favorite example of video’s special contribution comes from the wedding of Prince Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor and Diana Frances Spencer; when Princess Di said Charles’ names in the wrong order, the video caught it.

When all is said and done, all you have to remember the day are your fading memories and the still photographs, so if you can add to that with video, then go for it!

My only advice is to shop for videographers looking for the same qualities you’ve looked for in a still photographer; if you’ve chosen an unobtrusive photojournalistic photographer, then most likely you don’t want a videographer who will be staging photo opps and getting in your way all day.

And, it’s great if your videographer and photographer can talk for just a minute or so ahead of time to make sure that they understand how each other works and can both serve you well without getting into each other’s way.

My favorite videographers are the ones who have at one time worked as TV cameramen because they understand the “photojournalism” perspective.

If you’ve hired me as your still photographer, and you want me to look at the web site of any videographers you are considering, just let me know and I’ll take a look.

Can’t find a spot in your budget for professional video? Ask a friend or family member with a video camera to bring it along for the day.

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