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Need a free clock for your wedding web site?

Many couples decide to put up web sites with all sorts of useful information for wedding guests headed to Maine.  If you’d like to add a countdown clock to your site, there are lots of spots on the web offering free clocks.

The widest variety of clock styles seems to be at ClockLink. These clocks are all free; the only hitch is if someone hovers over your clock, the link to ClockLink’s site will come up. Small price to pay.

Here’s the current time in Maine displayed by one of my favorite designs at ClockLink.

Don’t like ClockLink’s options?  You might follow these instructions at e-How for a clean, straightforward clock.

While you’re at it, also look up this futuristic deisgn at  DDot Design or 24WebClock for  tiny clock strips with customizable themes.

World Time Server lets you choose between 12- and 24-hour clocks, you can customize clock size and colors, and there are instructions for incorporating your clock into your blog, your personalized Google homepage, and MySpace page.

Happy counting down!

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