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First Dance Tip

Another photographer posted a link on Facebook to this blog, and I have to totally agree.  If photographers ruled in the wedding world, the couple would dance the entire first song by themselves without having any other people join them on the dance floor midway through the song.

I am a lousy dancer, so I, too, totally empathize with the couple that isn’t so crazy about having all eyes on them for the entire three- to four-minute song. However, it does make a photographer’s job so much harder if you crowd the dance floor by inviting the bridal party members to join the dance a minute or so into the song. It’s the same challenge we face when the parents’ dances (bride + her dad or groom+ his mom) are done simultaneously.

If you aren’t comfortable with the first-dance tradition, sign up for a few dance lessons to polish up your dance skills. We see many couples who have eased their nerves that way; they choreograph a dance and practice specifically for the occasion.first_dance_notes

And, if you really just don’t want to dance, you can scrap it all together if you really want to.  Or find something fun to do in its place. Prince and Erica did a karaoke interpretation of (I’ve Had) The Time of the Life from Dirty Dancing and brought down the house!first_dance_karaokefirst_dance_karaoke21

The first dance, while fun for many, isn’t absolutely necessary if you just aren’t in to it. That’s the great thing about weddings today, no one is going to be walking around your wedding with a checklist saying “They haven’t done X yet.”  It’s your day, and how you decide to celebrate–or not celebrate–various wedding traditions is truly your call.

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