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Help Logan and others who need blood

If you are a regular donor of platelets, or if you’d like to give it a try, please consider giving in the name of Logan Chestnut. David Chestnut, Logan’s dad, is a business associate of my sister.

Here is David’s letter:

Hello friends,

I’ve been putting off writing this email because I really didn’t know really what to say. So I will start at the beginning.

Many of you know my son, Logan, 19. He just finished his freshman year at Georgia Southern and has been working this summer working outside for a tree service. Logan had been feeling puny this summer and one weekend in July, he had a fever of 104. His mom Amy, (we’re now divorced) took him to her doctor who suspected mono and ran some blood tests.

Thursday, July 16, we were told Logan had leukemia. Within 3 hours, his mom and I had him admitted to the Bone Marrow Transfer Unit (BMTU) at Northside Hospital here in Atlanta. Her doctor had researched various places and felt this was by far the best around.

Leukemia is a blood cancer. Logan’s type of leukemia is called ALM. They start to treat it by putting the patient in a sterile unit, separate from the main hospital. Logan then got 3 days of one chemo and 7 days non-stop of another. He just finished on Tuesday. The chemo kills almost everything in the bone marrow which is where all of the blood components are manufactured.

So Logan needs blood and lots of it. He has no platelets (the clotting part of the blood), no red cells, no white cells. At this point, everything is coming in as transfusions.

He especially needs platelets. These are not dependent on your blood type. And as you donate, the platelets are separated from the other blood components which are then pumped back into your blood stream. So you can donate every 8 days or so. Every donation takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Can you help with a blood donation? Or if you can’t donate, can you help us recruit other donors?
If you live in Atlanta, you can donate platelets in Logan’s name with Atlanta Blood Services at Northside Hospital or their other facility in Cobb County. Outside of Atlanta, please donate with the Red Cross in honor of Logan Chesnut. Atlanta Blood Services is somehow connected with the BMTU and supplies only Northside Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and the Wellstar Hospitals in Cobb County. So your donation definitely stays here.

You can find all of the phone numbers below this message.

Logan is doing very well, with some days better than others. He’s very brave and has lots of goofy friends visiting him all day long. Today he had four hot girl friends visit him. Unfortunately I wasn’t there at the time. But apparently, the nurses had to tell the girls to hold it down, they were getting too loud. So they must have been having fun. He’ll be in the hospital for about another 2 weeks. After that, if his sister Cayci is a match, he’ll get a bone marrow transplant from her. If not, he’ll probably get another round of chemo while they search the bone marrow registry for another match. Later on, I may be able to get you information about how you can sign up for that too. We’re counting on him to return to college in the fall of 2010.

Thanks so much for your help, your thoughts and your prayers.



In Atlanta: Atlanta Blood Services “for Logan Chesnut” – 404 459-8744
Elsewhere: Red Cross “in honor of Logan Chesnut” 1-800-448-3543

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