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New business cards sent to the printer today!

So, I’m in the midst of a “re-branding” for my Michele Stapleton and Maine Wedding Photographer web sites, and part of the rebranding is designing a whole new look. I’m lucky to have a very talented graphic designer for a sister, see, so obviously the rebranding job fell in her lap.
She came up with a handful of possible new “logos” and I shared them in a very hush-hush manner with a few close friends. One by one they all commented on one logo in particular. Then, throwing caution to the wind I posted all the possible choices to a professional photographers’ forum with about five thousand members, and polled folks there. Again, there was a clear winner, a very elegant logo which was a very clever combination of a “m” and “s.”
Today’s project for the rebrand effort was creating business cards. Starting with a design framework set up by Lisa, Dana Baldwin, a graphic designer who is my neighbor is Brunswick, finalized the cards for upload to the printer.

For now we produced two square cards; the front of each card carries my new logo and a photo; on the backside (salmon color) is all my contact information and a larger image of the logo.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the final design and can’t wait for them to arrive in about ten days.

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