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Deadlines for holiday reprint orders

Every year we get deluged with reprint orders in the weeks leading up to the holidays. There are days when the mail brings us orders for over a hundred reprints; in the busiest part of the holiday reprint season we might not be able to even start on your order for two weeks after it arrives because we are still tied up on the orders that preceded it.

Because I am a home-based business, zoning ordinances bar me from bringing more than one employee onsite at a time, so I can’t add more staff to make it through the holiday reprint rush. But even more important, I don’t want to farm out such an important task to a third party. So, my “solution” is to ask you to get your orders in as early as possible so that we can start on them as soon as possible.Unfortunately, every year we run right up against the holidays with an order or two, with a variety of unanticipated problems. Try as hard as we can to get everything right, sometimes things still go wrong. Perhaps the person ordering wrote down the wrong image number, or they got their order in very late. Or, perhaps the lab sent us the wrong size print, or it left a few images out of the order. Or, maybe when a print came back from the lab, we weren’t happy with the quality and decided to redo it.  We’ve also had some delivery issues, where the post office.  So, it pays to get started early, so we can head off potential problems as early as possible.

A big thank-you to everyone who has already turned in holiday orders. You should definitely get your orders in plenty of time.

An advisory to everyone else: If you can turn in your order before November 1st, we will do our best to get your photos to you in time for holiday gift giving. Our goal is to take every order turned in by November 1st and to have it in the mail to you by December 10th.If you turn in your order after November 1st, we will still do our best to have it to you in time for holiday gift giving, but we can’t guarantee when you’ll get it. You might have to pay for expedited shipping if you have a tight deadline.

Instructions for ordering prints are on this page of my web site. On that page you will find all of the reprint sizes and prices, and there is a form you can download and print out for your order. We find that orders go most smoothly when folks use the form and submit their order through regular (snail) mail. Orders sent as attachments to emails can get blocked by a SPAM filter.  So, please use the form and please send it in using regular mail.

All reprint orders are custom work, and as such they need to be paid in advance. Couples who have an album credit on account with us and anyone who has a gift certificate on account doesn’t have to send a check for reprints unless the order exceeds the balance on account. Folks who don’t have a credit should enclose a check; failure to enclose the proper payment will hold up reprint orders.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to e-mail for help.

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