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Wedding Albums and Books


We offer albums in a wide range of materials, styles and pricing. We hope clients will make an appointment to look at albums in person; however, we realize that out-of-state couples might find it difficult to visit the studio. So, for them we’ve tried our best to illustrate the various options online.

wedding albums for Maine weddings

We use the term “album” to describe products with thick, rigid, pages. We use “books” to describe products with thinner, flexible pages (think of a fine coffee table book you might purchase at the bookstore.)

All albums include three rounds of revision at no extra charge. If you need more revision, extra rounds are available at an hourly rate. Images captured in color can be converted to black and white. Two of our product lines also allow photos to be used on the cover. Click here to download a price list and here to download an album order/contract.

Our albums and books are what’s called magazine style, a form of album design that allows the most creativity; if you brand your wedding paper goods with particular colors, fonts and graphic elements, we can best carry forward your brand with the magazine style.

A magazine-style album is designed much like a magazine; we start with blank pages and few restrictions; pictures are printed on the actual page just as they would be in a magazine. Not having to worry about fitting photos into mats gives us incredible design flexibility; we can run photos all the way to the edge of the page, across the center of the page, and we can add color, type and other graphic elements to the page. Click here to see a magazine-style album from a recent Southport Island /Boothbay Region wedding.


album from Maine wedding

Magazine-style albums are available from many manufacturers. We choose to work with Miami-based Album Crafters because of their superior workmanship, wide range of options, affordability, outstanding customer service, and fast turnaround.

Album Crafters’ magazine-style albums are made with real photographic paper. The entire page is output as a single photographic print, then Album Crafters mounts prints to rigid boards and binds the boards together to make the album. This yields thick pages like those used in a child’s board books. Album Crafters offers leather, silk and full photo covers. Albumcrafters 10×14 albums start at 20 pages/60 images; additional pages can be added in pairs. Click here to see more photos of Album Crafters’ magazine-style albums.


flush mount album for maine weddings

The Flush Mount album, an 8×8 magazine style album, is a good fit for intimate weddings, couples who want a smaller album, or parents who want to design their own album (as opposed to getting a copy of the couple’s album.)

We purchase our flush mount albums from Finnao, and cover options include a wide range of leathers and fabrics. It’s also possible to get a cameo (window) on the front cover where we can put a small photo and/or your names and date of the ceremony.   Flush Mount Albums start at 30 pages /60 images and it’s possible to add more pages two at a time. Click here to see more photos of Flush Mount Albums.



The press-printed book (think Blurb, but with thicker pages, better printing and better construction.)  A thin-page book, the Press Printed Book is  a popular budget offering. Books have full photo covers, and pages lie flat (so we can design photos that cross the spread.)  Press-printed books are popular copy albums (when you want to get parents exact copies of the couple’s album.)


Exact copies of any album or book are available at discounted prices. We can also make Press-Printed copies of an Albumcrafters or Flush-Mount album (for a lower price.)  If you are interested in copies–for yourself or for parents–please ask us about the options.



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